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Custom Label Shaker Cups

With Custom Hydracups!


Enjoy trying out the newest gear? Well so do your customers.  Separate your store by carrying an innovative fitness product that your customers will come back for. Hydracup is available for co-branding in quantities of over 1,000 units.  Regular orders start at quantities of 60.  

Make Bundles
Bundling products is a win for both you and your customer. Bundle your pre, intra, and post workout supplements with the new Hydracup and make a bundle.

Store Candy
What’s in front of your counter?   Energy tubes, power bars, or gimmicky hangover pills?  Mid as well sell lottery tickets while you’re at it.  Before your customer leaves show them something new that will catch their eye without leaving them in regret minutes later. 

Get Your Name Out
We're always looking for potential partners. Send us your pre and post workout product samples and we'll pack them into our bottles.


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